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When you have a home generator installed, you have multiple fuel options. If your generator is small, typically it can run off of regular gasoline or diesel fuel. Bigger generators typically run on a bit more consistent fuel, such as LP gas or even natural gas. If you opt to go with natural gas, it has some great benefits, both for your home generator and for your home itself. Here are five of the biggest benefits that come with choosing natural gas as your fuel of choice.

Natural Gas Burns Cleaner

As opposed to fuel of other types, natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel option available. It does not produce any type of soot, like other fuel options often do. Plus, it does not let off any type of odor as it burns. This means you can be outside, working alongside the generator, and not have any pungent problems to deal with.

Natural Gas is Also Safer Than Nearly All Other Options

If a slight amount of natural gas comes out of the generator you have installed in your home prior to ignition, it is not going to be harmful. You can inhale a small amount without danger, especially since it does ignite, any remaining natural gas in the area quickly burns up. This makes it a safer option to use for your home generator. You also have the safety benefit of fewer emissions coming off of a generator powered by natural gas. This makes it safer for the environment.

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Speaking of Safer for the Environment…

When you use a home generator powered by natural gas, there are several ways it is better for the environment. First, you have the minimal greenhouse gases that get released. Second, you have less soot and ash that goes out into the environment. Third, the overall levels of pollution are far lower than with any other type of home generator. If you are going to use a unit to power your home when the power goes out for any reason, using one that is powered by natural gas is something you and the environment around you will both benefit from.

You Can Depend on Natural Gas

Natural gas is one of the most dependable forms of fuel for your home generator as well. Gasoline can clog up the lines inside the generator, as can diesel fuel. Gasoline is easy to move throughout the system and ignites easily when prompted. This means that when you flip that switch to on, you can rest assured that a well-maintained generator is going to start quickly and get your home back up and running.

The Cost of Natural Gas is Also Much More Reasonable

Between the reasonable cost of natural gas, and the lower operating and maintenance costs of a natural gas generator, you will be able to run this generator longer for less money. The initial purchase cost of a natural gas generator is often lower than other fuel types, such as oil. Plus, the maintenance costs are quite reasonable for this type of generator.

There are some really great reasons to look for a natural gas home generator for your home. If you are not quite sure what type, size, or fuel to use for your generator, call us. We can help you pick out the perfect home generator for your needs. Then, we can also bring it out, install it, and even come back and maintain it for you. To find out more information about home generators, give us a call today!


For more information on picking the perfect new generator for your home or business, reach out to us today. We can help you make the decision based on your needs.