While many generator manufacturers claim that their products have a plug-and-go mechanism and can be used straight from the box, this is hardly ever the case. Whether it’s a home backup generator or a small portable one that you take on your camping trips, you need certain accessories to get the best out of your unit.

While some generator accessories are designed to improve performance and reliability, other are vital for safe operations. Here’s an overview of the generator accessories that are a must-have, and those you should definitely consider getting.

Generac Generators

Transfer Switch

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of a transfer switch. If you don’t know what a transfer switch is, it’s the device that is used to change the load from one source of electricity to another. In case of your home backup powers system, the transfer switch transfers the load from the main power grid to your generator, and vice versa. Its primary purpose is to prevent the circuit from being fed two power sources simultaneously. This can be extremely dangerous, and in some cases, even deadly. In fact, in the United States, homeowners using generators are required by law to have a transfer switch installed.

Heavy-Duty Extension Cables

Since fossil-fuel powered generators emit harmful exhaust gases, they should be operated in an open space at least 20 feet away from any buildings. Therefore, you generally need an extension cord to connect the generator to the main electrical panel, which is typically attached to the building.

To enhance safety, invest in a heavy-duty extension cable that can be safely used in extreme weather conditions. However, make sure you get an extension cord with an amperage that matches your generator’s demands.

Fuel Stabilizer

If your generator runs on diesel or gasoline, a fuel stabilizer is an absolute must-have. Used as an additive, it keeps the fuel in your generator’s tank fresh for a longer time, and prevents it from causing corrosion or turning into gum. The alternative solution to avoiding such problems is to drain your fuel tank between uses, which can be quite tedious and inconvenient.


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