power lines at dusk

Electricity has become imperative for the survival of human beings and the host of industries that we bank on to survive. The way is which electricity is produced, supplied and used can differ; however, the fact is that electricity is the beating heart of our civilization.

There are renewable and non-renewable sources of energy. The way this electricity is transferred over long distances might also vary.

Today we are interested in how commercial and residential power requirements and infrastructures differ from each other.  This information can help commercial and domestic users alike in effectively utilizing power by controlling and maintaining their outputs and supply.

The difference of usage

Commercial users obviously have much more extensive use of electricity. Especially manufacturing divisions have equipment that uses substantially more power than a home. Commercial power users also put electricity into action in ways similar to residential owners by operating traditional machines like computers and smaller air-conditioning units for offices. Largely however, the requirements for commercial power are much higher. The way these businesses buy electricity is also different. Since they use massive amounts of it, power companies have specifically designed packages for them to purchase electricity in bulk. 

Difference in services

Another difference is between the people who can deal with the power requirements and the services associated with them. The wiring used in commercial and residential spaces is quite different. A commercial area always uses a conduit while that is not a necessity in residences. The wires are usually larger in offices and factories because they carry higher voltages. While homeowners call electricians to sort out wiring problems for them, offices call architects and designers because they are able to provide more state of the art and appropriate solutions for the process.


With the different slabs, rates and service requirements, commercial electricity is also subject to strict regulations. Companies, factories and businesses have to comply with relevant government laws and rules regarding safety and proper usage of the electricity. Electrical fires are common in commercial spaces and they result in loss of property as well as lives. In order to avoid such catastrophes, local authorities and federal governments make sure that there are certain provisions that govern the way electricity is used by factories. The Electricity Safety, Quality and Continuity Regulations, 2002 and the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 both apply to commercial operations and they specify certain legal requirements that commercial spaces have to pass in order to keep their right to operate.


As we mentioned earlier, the wiring in commercial spaces is quite different from homes because in the former, wires come under more pressure. Commercial electricity is transferred differently as compared to residential power and as a result there are more fluctuations. This means that there is a higher probability of wires overheating and causing huge damages. In order to avoid calamities like these commercial users have to install thicker wires. The wires also have to have more failsafe measures like conduits and circuit breakers.

Temporary solutions

Huntsville generators and other types of temporary power solutions are available for commercial and residential users alike. However, there are still differences here. Commercial generators are obviously more powerful, usually run by diesel fuel, less noisy and expensive. Their output capacities are quite large because they have to power machineries that consume more power. Generator service and repair is also a major concern because it costs a lot more in commercial instances.

Huntsville generators are available for both commercial and residential requirements. Owners of homes and offices have to make sure that they bear the above mentioned things in mind to help manage safety, usage as well as costs.

For more information on picking the perfect new generator for your home or business, reach out to us today. We can help you make the decision based on your needs.