With power outages costing American companies millions of dollars in downtime, it’s become essential for business owners to invest in a reliable backup power system. And when it comes to off-grid power generation systems for commercial use, there are very few options that offer the proven reliability of diesel generators.

Diesel generators have been used for a myriad of different commercial applications for generations now, and have long since established themselves as a staple within a multitude of industries. They’re known to be sturdy, well-built, and rugged enough to take on all types of demands and tasks.

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Here are some of the top reasons why a diesel generator is a solid backup power solution for business owners.

Superb Output Efficiency

Diesel is a fossil fuel that’s known for its high ratio of energy density to volume, highly-efficient consumption rates, and stability. Compared to their natural gas or gasoline-powered counterparts, diesel generators consume significantly lower amounts of fuel while delivering a similar energy output.

Lower Maintenance and Service Costs

When not utilized as the main source of power, diesel generators require much less maintenance compared to their natural gas or gasoline-powered counterparts. While all types of generators are powered by internal combustion engines, diesel engines don’t have serviceable parts, such as spark plugs, which you find in gasoline engines. Instead, they produce power through compression ignition. Lesser serviceable parts translates into a lower number of maintenance intervals, which means lower costs.


Since they produce power through compression ignition, diesel generators are extremely tough and rugged by design. They’re built to be extremely resilient and sturdy, which means they can easily withstand prolonged high-compression use and demanding applications. Furthermore, diesel generators also run much cooler compared to gasoline-powered generators. Less heat-induced wear means diesel generators have a significantly longer lifespan.


In addition to being extremely durable, diesel generators also offer exceptional versatility. As mentioned above, they can be used for a multitude of applications across a wide array of industries.  Moreover, they can either be installed on-site or used as portable units to power off-grid commercial project.


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