Huntsville Generators Prime powerWith the amount of reliance humans have developed for gadgets run by electricity, an outage is the worst nightmare that we might have to face. Although a power outage in a residential setting might be bearable, a commercial place facing a breakdown can start accumulating revenue and operational losses quite rapidly.

This is the gap that the invention of portable generators has plugged quite effectively. The type, make, or power output of the generator you use might vary on the requirements but once you’ve purchased it, the most crucial aspect is looking after it.

Here we discuss a few generator service and repair tips that will ensure your power back-up runs the course of its life effectively.

1.    Placement of the generator is important

A generator is fitted with a naturally aspirated engine that sucks in air to perform combustion of fuel in order to produce electricity. Now, the internal combustion engine has an intake and an exhaust, both of which have to be placed in a way where air is abundantly available for them to function. In case either one of them is blocked or the flow of air in or out hindered in any way, the generator can start to malfunction. The air filter or exhaust can become choked sending gases back where into the engine causing other parts to deteriorate as well.

2.    Regular maintenance goes a long way

Oil checks, air filter cleaning, draining the fuel when the generator is not in use and looking after the spark arrestor and plugs are basic and routine maintenance tasks that ensure your generator keeps functioning effectively for a long time. These small activities ensure that the generator and its parts are in proper working order and any faults can be detected in the early stages before they lead to costly generator repairs.

3.    Protect against the elements

Rain, dust, and other elements such as direct sunlight can have an adverse effect on your generator. In order to protect your machine against these factors there are a number of things that you can do depending on where it is placed. Special covers are available like the ones used to protect vehicles while they are stationary. Also experts recommend building a shed or enclosure for the generator so that during harmful weather conditions it remains out of harm’s way.

4.    Use heavy duty wires

The generator and its electricity output might fluctuate at time depending on the fuel or any malfunctions with the internal components. Heavy duty wires ensure that the voltage of electricity fluctuating is not transferred directly into the mains. This can be extremely harmful to your appliances and cause short circuits, expensive damages and even raise the possibilities of fire ignition. Heavy duty cords can withstand heavy currents without overheating, and make sure that your residence or commercial setting stays safe.

A generator is a machine like many other appliances and equipment that we use every day. It has similar requirements and therefore it is imperative that if you wish to see it remain functional for longer, you must pay attention to these small maintenance tasks. None of the items listed above, or any other that a certified technician or Huntsville generators specialist might suggest, are really expensive or cumbersome procedures but in case you ignore any of them, the consequences can be catastrophic.

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