When we think of generators, we think of that obnoxiously large and noisy equipment that proves to be more of an inconvenience with their presence around the house. You think of a loud and rattling behemoth that pierces through the quietness of the night.

But when the most advanced technology has penetrated your life, your loud and noisy generators need to take an exit and be replaced with more efficient ones.

Inverter Generator

An inverter generator can turn your life upside down, in a good way. An inverter generator is light-weighted, space-efficient, and are known for not making any noise. They also produce clean energy as compared to their counterparts.

However, similar to many things, inverter generators have their set of advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of them:

Advantages Of An Inverter Generator

The pros of an inverted generator are multifold. You do not need to dig deep to look for these advantages:

Fuel Efficiency:

Inverter generators are much more fuel-efficient than any other type of generator available in the market. An inverter generator can adjust the speed of its engine automatically and perfectly matches the load required. This is in stark contrast to the conventional generator because they run at the same speed regardless of the load requirement.

Clean Energy:

The inverter generator’s mechanism produces sine waves that release fewer fuel emissions and output a much cleaner power. Lower fuel emissions and high-quality output mean that the generator is much safer for the environment than the conventional generators.

Lower Noise Levels:

This is perhaps the most outstanding feature of an inverter generator. They produce a recorded noise of lesser than 60 decibels, which is equal to the sound of a quiet conversation.


Disadvantages Of An Inverter Generator

The disadvantages of an inverter generator don’t lie in its mechanism. It lies in its cost and output it can produce.


The upfront cost of an inverter generator can be high than any other portable conventional generator. However, the unit provides enough advantages to cover for the price in the long run.

Low Power Outputs:

Considering its small size, inverter generators cannot produce as much power as the large conventional ones. A standard inverter generator is fully capable of running a home, but it can run in parallel mode with a duplicate generator for commercial facilities.

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