sizes of generatorsPeople used to consider electricity a luxury. Today, it is essential for how we live and how we run our lives. If you do not yet have a backup generator, then it is important that you consider one for your home or your business, if not both. Generators are there to help when the power goes out, which is not only inconvenient but also unsafe. There are many types and styles of generators to choose from, so if you need anything, just ask. That is what we are here for.

You Need to Pick the Right Size

One fact you need to think about is picking the right size for your needs. Look around your home (or work if you want one for business). Consider all of the appliances that you would need to run if the power went out. If all of these things had to run at once, how many watts would you need? Once you have that added up, then you have a good idea of what size generator you will require.

Generators Are Incredibly Powerful

Generators are great pieces of equipment to have when an emergency comes up, but they should not be underestimated. They run off of diesel, propane, or gasoline, giving them a lot of power from the moment they start up. You need to make sure to use caution with them. If you are not careful, the generator could cause damage to you or your property. Make sure you use caution when operating it, and make sure you know how to use it before ever firing it up. Safety is important with these machines.

Your Generator Will Require Professional Installation to Ensure Safety

When a generator is turned on, it creates power – obviously, which is why you are buying one. However, it can also create power the wrong way. You need professional installation to ensure that the double throw switch has been installed properly. This tiny piece of equipment ensures that the power does not go backwards from the generators to the wires up on your electrical poles. If the power went backwards, anyone up on that pole could be hurt. With that little switch installed, you can be sure that your generator is powering up your home or business without any risk to anyone trying to restore your power.

Generators Often Produce Carbon Monoxide

Another safety issue you must consider is where you want to install your generator. They tend to produce carbon monoxide. If you install it too close to your home or a window you like to have open, you can make yourself or your family sick. What you want is a safe, covered area near your home that allows the carbon monoxide to safely escape without causing any harm to your loved ones or anyone in the immediate area. This is where a professional generator installer can help a lot. They know the best locations around the home or near a business to consider when installing a new generator.

Having a generator installation and maintenance company you can trust is very important. You want to make sure you get a generator that will be strong enough to help in the event of an outage. To find out what size generator would be best for you, or where to put your generator to keep your entire family safe, call us. We can help with the entire process. We will go over the best generators for your needs, the size you need, and the installation. Plus, we can even help you maintain the unit. We help with it all!

For more information on picking the perfect new generator for your home or business, reach out to us today. We can help you make the decision based on your needs.