Generator repairs in Huntsville

Residential generators have different power outputs. The right size generator for your residence depends on the power requirements. A large generator is ideal if you want to power several devices during an outage.

But how can I determine my generator power requirements? Can I run electronic devices on a residential generator? This blog post will answer common questions regarding the purchase of a new generator in Huntsville, AL.

Determine the Power Requirements


The foremost thing you need to do is to determine the power requirements of your generator. You should find out how much wattage is required to power the appliances. Medium size generators are between 3000 to 6000 watts. Larger generators have a power output of more than 6000 watts.

To know the right size generator for your home, you should add the total wattage required to operate all the essential appliances using the generator.  Knowing the exact wattage will help you know the right size generator for your home.

Know the Startup and Operational Power


When buying a residential generator, you should know about the start and operational wattage of the appliances.  Appliances with a motor such as water pumps, HVACs, and refrigerators have a startup power that is more than the operating power.

The startup wattage of most appliances is nearly double the running wattage. For instance, if the running wattage is 700 watts, the startup wattage of the same will be 1400 watts.

Buy a Slightly Bigger Generator


Consider buying a generator with more wattage than required. Purchasing a generator with more wattage than needed is a smart decision since you will have more wattage left even when you have connected all the appliances. It will allow you to plug in more devices when required.

Additionally, a generator running at full load will undergo accelerated wear and tear. The generator may also turn off automatically in case of an overload. Moreover, a generator running with a full load will produce more noise that will be an inconvenience at night.

Getting a larger generator is also recommended if you live in a disaster-prone area. A large generator will provide backup for a longer duration in the event of a power outage. During the recent Hurricane Sally in Alabama, many people with heavy-duty generators were able to power the home throughout the blackout.

Running Electronic Appliances


You can run electronic devices on a residential generator. But operating the electronic devices using a generator for a long duration can damage them. The reason is that most heavy-duty generators have a high total harmonic distortion (THD).

Electronic devices will burn if the THD is more than 3 percent. For running electronic devices, you need a standby inverter generator that has THD well below the threshold.  Using inverter generators for HD TVs, video games, or other devices won’t damage them when operated continuously for a long time.

Buy a Transfer switch


You should use a transfer switch to convert the power from the main supply to the generator. A transfer switch is essential for both heavy-duty and inverter generators.

Connecting the generator directly to the mains is a bad idea. It can damage the appliances and also the public electric grid. Apart from that, connecting the generator to the mains also creates a risk of an electric shock.



You can operate most fixtures and appliances using a generator. It would be best to buy a generator that will run all the essential appliances such as lights, pressure pumps, refrigerators, HVAC units, fans, lights, and pressure pumps.

You don’t have to buy a heavy-duty generator if your area experiences short duration power outages. A heavy-duty generator is recommended if you live in an area prone to disasters that result in long-duration outages.

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