kohler standby generatorsWhen you invest in a generator for your Huntsville home or business, you want an appliance that is sure to last. You want to keep your Huntsville generator going for many years, so that should the inevitable come up, you have help. There are a few things to make sure you do regularly to keep your generator running. This includes regular maintenance and always making sure to have it checked out by a professional. However, that is not all you can do. Here are a few tips that can help you keep your Huntsville generator running for as long as possible.

Cover It When Not In Use

Many people believe that the only time they need to cover their generator is if it is outside where debris could fall into it. We believe that to be inaccurate. We strongly recommend you always cover your generator when you are not using it. This includes if you have the generator inside a special hut, shed, or building. The more covered you keep the generator, the less likely it is to suffer from debris problems. When you need it, wipe it off, uncover it, and use it. Just make sure that once you are done using it and the unit has completely cooled off, you cover it up again.

Always Keep the Area Around Your Huntsville Generator Clean

One thing that many people forget about is that when they go to use their generator, it is going to get quite warm. You want to always make sure the area right around the generator is cleaned up. This means never storing anything right up against the generator, and always keeping the area around it swept. That way, when you need it, you do not need to waste time cleaning the area up before you can turn it on. It only takes a few minutes each week, so make sure you keep up with it.

Remember Your Generator Needs Proper Ventilation

When you have your generator installed, you will be explained the type of ventilation your unit will need. If the unit cannot breathe properly, it cannot run properly. It also cannot cool off properly if there is not enough ventilation. On top of keeping the area clean as mentioned above, you also want to make sure there is enough ventilation in the area. This may involve having an open door, window, or even a fan to help keep the air moving around properly near the unit.

Run the Unit Responsibly

When you are taking care of a generator, there are specific things you need to do to keep it running smoothly as long as possible. One of those things is to make sure you start it up regularly, even when you do not need it. That keeps the mechanicals inside the generator lubricated and moving without hesitation. You also need to make sure you pay attention to how long you have your generator running. Each unit has a maximum run time where it should be shut down for a bit of a break. Make sure you read through the manual that comes with your unit at the time of installation, or ask the experts who installed your generator how often to give your unit a break. That way, you are sure to let it cool down when it needs it so it does not overheat.

If you want help figuring out the type and size of Huntsville generator to get for your home or business, call us. We can help with everything from picking out a new generator, to installing it, and to also maintaining it.

For more information on picking the perfect new generator for your home or business, reach out to us today. We can help you make the decision based on your needs.