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Most generators today are still based on the internal combustion engine. These engines take in air from the atmosphere; use it to burn fuel, which ultimately generates electricity. The by-products of this process are fumes and gases that come out of the exhaust pipes in the generator. The reason of outlining this widely known process is to highlight what impacts generator placement can have on its effective functioning.

Furthermore, the effects of placement are more elaborate as you are going to find out as we progress through the article. The point of emphasis here is that before you buy a generator, it is important to consider the place where you intend to put it. Here is everything you need to know in this regard:

Significance of placement

In order to understand the importance of placing your generator appropriately, we need to know the effects of the opposite. Wrong placement includes keeping your generator in a confined or crowded place. Crowded can be any area that lacks proper ventilation. Also, leaving it in the open completely unprotected is also a bad idea. The reasons for this are simple and they can eventually lead to costly generator service and repairs.

Huntsville generators recommend that you avoid crowded places because of an obvious lack of ventilation that can choke the intake and exhaust pipes. Also, putting a generator in the open exposes it to risks from natural elements. These include rain, moisture, hail or snow, animals and strong winds etc. Another important factor to consider is safety against theft of the whole machine or individual parts. Unnecessary generator repairs due to negligence or lack of knowledge can be quite costly for residential or commercial Decatur generators.

Ideal placement tips for Huntsville Generators

Locating the best place for your generator

Having shed light on why placement is important, we know come to the best practices regarding generator placement. Following are some important factors for consideration to avoid costly generator repairs:

1.    The electrical and fuel source:

Generators usually come in three fuel variants. These are natural gas, diesel or liquid propane. One of the first things to identify before buying and installing a generator is a place close to the fuel and circuit board. Lengthy wirings or pipes to carry the fuel can reduce efficiency of your generator. It also reduces wiring and installation costs as well as expenses that might be incurred due to subsequent generator repair.

2.    Ventilation

The next crucial thing to consider is adequate supply of air to the intake and ample space for the exhaust fumes to escape. Lack of either of these elements can lead to your generator service being due earlier than usual. When the intake or exhaust is blocked, the combustion reaction is inefficient and as a result, the output and performance of the generator drops. Therefore, make sure that the generator is put in a relatively open space.

3.    Protection against nature

Now, while the space where the generator is placed has to be open, sheds and canopies can help protect it against forces of nature. These housings can be of different types and a Huntsville generator expert can advise you effectively in this regard.

Other elements like noise reduction and safety are also considerable during generator placement. No it might be impractical to assure all of these requirements are fulfilled perfectly. Therefore, it is advisable that you try to follow as much as possible. A Huntsville generator expert can be of great assistance in these matters because they can analyze and pin-point the ideal place for you.

For more information on picking the perfect new generator for your home or business, reach out to us today. We can help you make the decision based on your needs.