prepare for the storm

Coming To Your Neighborhood

When the storm arrives, will you be ready?

Weather creates most of the power outages. Winter is prime time for ice storms, freezing rain, and cold temperatures. Spring and summer is a good time for severe storms, tornados, and high winds. All are devastating for Utility companies. Arranging for these power outages are a big component of being prepared.

Generac Super Store has the products and services

to help you with power outages for years to come.

Generac Super Store has standby generators to keep important home systems running automatically. We specialize in Generac brands. Generac Super Store has the preventative  maintenance program to keep you going through any kind of weather and power outage

Be Prepared

Generac Super Store is the only dealer serving North Alabama, Birmingham, Al and Nashville, TN  to perform Load Bank testing in its preventative program. Additionally we perform the following tests and checks:

  • All filter replacement
  • Oil replacement
  • Spark Plug replacement
  • Inspect coolant
  • Battery load test
  • Inspecting all critical components for operation integrity
  • And more…

Load Bank Test

Generator Load Bank Test checks the engine ability to perform and provide the required horsepower when called upon in an emergency. It’s important to load test your generator on a regular basis. Load Bank Testing will help detect deficiencies within the system as well as verifying that the unit output is performing to full capacity.


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