Genera gas generatorsGenerators are important appliances, especially in a commercial setting. Having backup power can make a considerable difference in supporting operations in an organization. Huntsville generators make sure that whether the commercial space works on manufacturing, assembly or any other operation, things always keep running for the facilitation of customers.

While commercial generators come in handy, there are certain things about these machines that people either don’t know or have been misinformed about. These myths sometimes impact their decision of buying, installing and using a generator. Here we answer some of the common myths:

Buying and maintaining a generator is easy

Well, this is clearly not true. The entire process of buying and using a generator, i.e. even before the purchase requires research and careful considerations. Here are a few important things to bear in mind:

  • Generator size: This refers to the output of the generator. The size is an important factor to think about before buying a generator. A machine that is too big for your requirements will simply be a burden on your resources like time and costs. On the other hand, a small generator just won’t be able to support the operations of your business,
  • Generator service: Like all machine, for instance, automobiles and HVAC systems etc., generators also require regular maintenance. This includes oil and filter replacements, battery checkups as well as other regular inspections.

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Diesel generators are noisy and not environment friendly

Commercial generators are usually diesel powered because of the higher power output that they produce. A myth about diesel generators that most people believe is that they exhaust thick clouds of smoke and damage the environment while being noisy at the same time. This, again, is not true. Huntsville generators especially commercial variants only start producing excessive smoke when the oil and air filters are not cleaned for a long time. Also, silent diesel generators are readily available in the market.

There is no impact of fuel types on generator performance

Generators are available in three major fuel types, i.e. diesel, gasoline and natural gas. Another myth that is prevalent in the minds of the consumer is that the difference in fuel types has no impact on the output and performance of the generator. Quite the opposite, generators and their performance is profoundly influenced by the fuel used in them. A detailed comparison between the merits and demerits of various fuel types are easily available. It is important that you analyze these appropriately before making a choice of which one to buy. Having the wrong type of generator for your setting can put the entire operation in jeopardy. Issues can range from health and safety to generator repair. Moreover, the machine might not be able to support the load of all the appliances that need to be operated in order to continue effective operations.

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The generator can be installed anywhere

The biggest misconception of all has to be regarding the placement of generators. People tend to think that anywhere is a great place to put a generator. That should never be done. A generator requires a well ventilated space because air intake and exhaust has to be free. Keeping and operating the generator in a confined space can cause choking in some of the components. Moreover, the ventilated space should still have a shed to protect the generator from natural elements like rain, snow or hail.

There are several other myths that people believe about buying, using, installing and maintaining commercial generators. For more specific details, make sure to contact a Huntsville generator specialist. They will be able to provide you with appropriate information on matters that you are confused about.

For more information on picking the perfect new generator for your home or business, reach out to us today. We can help you make the decision based on your needs.