Huntsville Prime Power Generators

Industrial and residential power requirements are quite different. Most industries such as mining and quarries are located in areas with limited access to electricity. As a result, industries require prolonged use of generators.

Some industries require a continuous supply of electricity even at peak hours. They use large backup generators to ensure a continuous supply of power for heavy machinery.

To meet the specific power requirements, industrial generators are built differently compared to residential generators. Here are some of the differences between the generators used in industries and homes.

1. Power Source

Industrial Generators generally run on diesel fuel. The fuel is more efficient than gasoline, allowing industries to rely on their generators for extended use.

In contrast, gasoline generators are less efficient due to which they are not suitable for continuous usage. It is sufficient for residential generators since these are only used as a backup power source when the main grid goes offline.

2. Size and Noise

Residential generators are generally small in size. They are also portable, which means that they can be carried from one place to another by hand. Despite their large size, residential generators are noisier as compared to industrial generators.

Industrial generators by contrast are larger and remain fixed in one location. They are generally in an enclosed unit that muffles any noise. Residential generators can also be quieter and installed in a fixed position, but these are typically more expensive as compared to the normal residential generators.

3. Alternator Type

An alternator installed in industrial generators is more powerful as compared to the ones in residential generators. Industrial generators generally handle heavier loads due to which they require more power. They also have a larger radiator to keep the unit cool when operating on full load. They are megawatt juggernauts that industries including mining, health care, and manufacturing companies rely on produce high power.

Residential generators have a smaller alternator. Since the power requirements are less than 10KW for most homes, the alternator is less powerful in residential generators.

4. Continuous Operations

Industrial generators can operate continuously for hundreds of hours. They don’t require to be shut down like a residential generator after 10 hours of continuous usage. The wear and tear of industrial generators are much less as compared to residential generators. That is the reason these generators can work continuously without any major breakdown.

5. Generator Life

Industrial generators also last much longer than residential generators. These generators can handle large loads with reduced wear and tear. Contrarily, residential generators undergo accelerated wear and tear even when under reduced load.

The lifespan of industrial generators is over 10 years with thousands of hours of operation. In contrast, the lifespan of the residential generator is typically 5 years with hundreds of operation hours.

6. Maintenance Requirements

Generators used in industries require less frequent maintenance. These generators have high-quality components that can withstand greater loads. Typically, industrial generators operate for hundreds of hours before requiring repairs.

Residential generators in contrast require more frequent maintenance. Experts recommend regular maintenance after every 6 months of 50 hours of operation.

7. Repair Costs

Residential generators have cheaper and lower quality parts as compared to industrial generators. As a result, the repair costs of residential generators are much lower. In contrast, the maintenance cost of industrial generators is much higher as it has more costly components.

Over the long term, the cost of maintaining an industrial generator is less as compared to maintaining a residential generator. High-quality DR Power Industrial generators typically last for 10-12 years if used continuously under high load. It can even last 20 years if operated at half the maximum capacity.

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