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4 Reasons Why Generator Maintenance is Important

large power outage

A generator like any other mechanical device needs regular maintenance. You need to properly maintain the generator to ensure that it works properly.

Not maintaining your generator can lead to frequent emergency breakdowns.

Here are four main reasons why generator maintenance is important in Huntsville, Al.

1. Prevent Emergency Breakdown

The foremost benefit of contacting a generator repair company for regular maintenance of your generator is that it can prevent emergency breakdown.

Regular generator maintenance will ensure that the generator keeps running during an outage. An experienced technician will perform a thorough check up and perform immediate treatment. This will reduce the likelihood of your generator giving up when you need it the most.

2. Increase Generator Lifespan

All generators have a limited lifespan due to normal wear and tear. You can increase the lifespan of your generator if you keep it regularly maintained.

A properly maintained generator will keep running for a long time without any breakdown. During a routine checkup, a generator specialist will change the oil and perform necessary adjustments. This will increase the likelihood that your generator performs smoothly for a long time without any problems.

3. Save Money in Generator Repairs

Regular generator service will also reduce the chances of costly repairs. While you will have to pay money for a generator checkup, it is a small price in comparison to what you have to pay in the event of a major breakdown.

By keeping your generator serviced, you can avoid financial problems later down the road due to costly repairs. A professional technician will perform the necessary service during a routine checkup. This will ensure that internal components of the generator work without any problems leading to smooth functioning of the generator.

4. Improve Generator Efficiency

A great benefit of keeping your generator serviced regularly is that it will improve generator efficiency. A generator that is not serviced properly will consume more oil. As a result, the cost of operating the generator will increase.

Regular maintenance of your generator will ensure that it performs smoothly without any issue. This in turn will result in great cost saving for you.

Tips to Properly Maintain Your Generator

Regular generator maintenance can ensure proper operation of the generator. Here are some tips to make sure that your generator remains in tip-top condition.

1. Regular Oil Change

Changing oil regularly will help protect engine damage. Oil should be changed as recommended by the manufacturer. Most home generators require oil change after every 6 months or 50 hours of operation. Check the generator manual to find out the exact oil change interval.

2. Air Filter Change

Air filter should also be changed to ensure proper generator operation. If you live in a dusty area, you need to get the filter changed more regularly. Replacing air filter will prevent wear and tear of generator.

3. Power Up Generator

You need to power up your standby generator after every three months for about half an hour. This is important to ensure that the battery that start the electric starter operates properly.

4. Use Heavy Duty Cords

Make sure that you use heavy duty cords to connect the generator to the home’ power supply. Using low voltage cord can result in damage to your generator.

Nothing can be more frustrating than having to spend the night shivering in the cold during an outage in the winter. You can avoid this ordeal, if you keep your generator fully maintained.

To ensure proper operation, you should consider signing up for a regular service plan for your Huntsville generators, Decatur Generators, and Huntsville Prime Power Generators.


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