When it comes to power backup systems, there are few options that are as reliable as gas-powered generator. Generators made by a reliable manufacturer can last for decades.

However, just like how your body needs exercise and a healthy diet to keep fit and healthy, a generator also requires proper care and timely maintenance in order to keep performing optimally. The more proactive you are about maintaining, the longer it will last without needing extensive, costly repairs.

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Here are 4 simple generator maintenance tips that can extend your machine’s life significantly.

Keep Your Generator Covered When Not in Use

Your backup generator can sit for months without being needed. During this period, dirt, debris, dust buildups, or even moss/mold can start accumulating on your machine. These contaminants can enter critical components of the generator through worn out seals and cause damage. Moreover, prolonged exposure to dust and moisture can also lead to rust and corrosion.

The best way to protect your generator from the elements is by investing in a generator cover. You’ll easily find one at your local department store.

Drain the Gas Tank after Use

Make it a rule of thumb to drain your generator’s fuel tank after you’re done using it. If fuel is left in tank of an idle generator for a prolonged period of time, it can lead to the formation of deposits in the tank and the fuel lines. Gum deposits are when the gas starts sticking to the metal chambers and surfaces within the generator. Gum deposits can also lead to a choked fuel filter, which can seriously impact performance, and even damage the engine in some cases.

Monitor the Wattage Capacity of Your Generator

When operating your generator, the first thing you should determine is whether it’s capable of handling the load you intend to put on it. Generators come with different output ratings, so you’ll need to figure out the wattage rating of your unit. Typically, generators come with two listed ratings: running rating and starting rating.

Starting wattage is the generator’s maximum wattage (the wattage it can produce in short bursts). However, this rating can be ignored for the most part. What you should really focus on is the continuous or running rating. Tis refers to the output the generator is able to deliver over an extended period of time.

In order to determine if your generator can safely power a particular appliance, jut checks the appliance’s wattage rating, and ensure that it falls below your generator’s running output rating.


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