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Since 1987,  Current Electrical, Generac Super Store’s parent company has been providing prompt, professional & courteous service with well trained experienced technicians to service your emergency power needs including, generator installation, service, and maintenance. Our technicians will analyze your needs to provide a comprehensive and most economical estimate for your emergency standby power. We proudly service Huntsville, Alabama; Birmingham, Alabama; Nashville, TN and their surrounding areas. Contact us today for a free consultation!

To celebrate our continued growth within the Generator Industry we are glad to offer our clients the best preventative maintenance program available. Our preventative maintenance program’s purpose is to maintain the longevity of your system, minimizing downtime. We offer a diagnostic and complete inspection of:

  • Fuel/oil and water components
  • Load bank testing
  • Fuel and fluid analysis
  • Fuel polishing
  • Docking station – sales and installation

We service a wide range of generators, including diesel generator, portable generators, emergency standby generators, and residential generators (16kw, 22kw, 27kw, 38kw, 48kw and 70kw). We also repair automatic transfer switches and light towers.

Contact us is you’re looking for a reliable generator for sale. Our team will help you find the best generator for you. 

Power Outage
Potential Cost To Businesses
and Home Owners

pipe icon $10,000 Burst or frozen pipes
flood icon $21,000 Flooded Basement
mold icon $500 – $30,000 Mold Removal
$250 – $500 Food Loss
home icon $110/night Alternative Shelter

Source: Michigan Fire Claims, Inc.; Auburn Hills Michigan Source: FloodSmart.gov (A two-inch flood in a 2,000 sq. ft. home) Source: MoldRemediationCostGuide.com Source: Carrns, Ann. “Hurricane Damage Questions, Part 2: Flooding and Food.” The New York Times, 31 Aug. 2011. Web. http://nyti.ms/1kRyv2z. Source: Hotels.com® Hotel Price Index (HPI®)

Control Your Cost and Protect Your Way of Life
With Generac Standby Home Generators

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